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Common questions

  • What is a fund?

    A fund is a set-up in which a Portfolio Manager creates a trading account in their Personal Area, for the purpose of portfolio management. PMs can then invite Investors to invest in their fund by sharing the fund link or fund code. Thereafter, PMs use the capital invested in the fund to trade.

    Follow this link to learn more about how portfolio management works.

    Multiple funds can be created and managed simultaneously by any Portfolio Manager in their Personal Area. Refer to our article on fund management to learn more about monitoring a fund and its performance.

  • When is the performance fee paid?

    The performance fee for Portfolio Managers (PM) is paid out at the end of every billing period, which covers a whole calendar month and ends on the last Friday (23:50 UTC+0 to 23:59:59 UTC +0) reopening immediately after. The entire process is automated to ensure the PM is paid their performance fee promptly, and accurately.

    The PM receives their calculated performance fee into their PIM Commission account. This commission account is automatically created after the first commission is paid, and is an MT4 Pro account type which can be accessed in the Personal Area.

    Details of performance fees paid per investment can be found under the Reports tab of the fund page, accessible to the PM in their Portfolio Management area. Follow these links to learn more about how the performance fee rate is calculated or about the billing period.

  • What payment methods are available to Investors?

    As an Investor, Exness offers multiple payment options to make a deposit.

    The various option at a glance are:

    Follow these steps to make a deposit into your wallet:

    1. Log into your Exness Investor application.
    2. You will be able to see your Wallet balance on the top of the Assets page.
    3. Tap on Deposit.
    4. Alternatively, you may also find this deposit option in the Profile tab.
    5. Tap Make Deposit.
    6. Choose your preferred method from the list of payment systems available, then follow the prompts to complete your deposit.

    Making withdrawals follow a similar process and you will need to use the same payment method as used for deposits.

    We recommend further reading to learn all about payments with Exness. Note that some payment options may be unavailable due to regional restrictions, or until you fully verify your Exness account, so it is recommended you do this to unlock all available payment options and restrictions.

  • How many funds/strategies can be created by a Portfolio Manager/Strategy Provider?

    A Portfolio Manager (PM) can create up to 100 funds, while a Strategy Provider (SP) can create up to 100 strategies.

    For both a Portfolio Manager and Strategy Provider, each fund/strategy can only have a single trading account assigned, specifically a Pro account for funds, and a Social Pro account for strategies. To trade with a different trading account, a new one must be created. This is shared with the standard limitation on trading accounts created per Personal Area (PA).

    Active investment limits


    The maximum number of active investments in a fund at any given time is 200. If a fund reaches this limit, it will not be available for new investments anymore and Investors will see an error when trying to invest in it.

    In such cases, if PMs wish to continue to receive investments, they should create new funds.


    There is no such limit for strategies. There can be any number of active investments copying a strategy.

    For more details, you can refer to our article comparing both our offerings under Portfolio Management Solutions.

  • How to make a transfer from a strategy account to an Exness trading account?

    As a Strategy Provider (SP), it is possible to transfer funds from the trading account connected to your strategy to another Exness trading account.

    Simply follow these steps:

      1. Log in to your Exness Personal Area.
      2. Click on the Portfolio Management tab on the left.
      3. Scroll to find the strategy account you would like to make the withdrawal from, click on the settings symbol > select Withdraw money.
      4. On the next page select Between your own accounts in the Transfer section.
      5. Enter the required information:
          1. From: the Strategy trading account is pre-defined (but can be changed).
          2. To: the Exness trading account you wish to transfer to.
          3. Amount (USD): the amount, in USD, you wish to transfer.
      6. Click Continue to confirm this information.
      7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transfer action.

    Follow the link to learn more about transactions with Exness.

  • What is a strategy?

    A strategy is a set-up created by a Strategy Provider (SP) in their Personal Area, whereby their trades are copied onto investments through the process called portfolio copying. Strategy Providers can invite Investors to copy their strategy by sharing a strategy link or code. Investors then copy the strategy set by the Strategy Providers and apply it to their investment equity.

    Multiple strategies can be created and managed simultaneously by any Strategy Provider in their Personal Area. A trading account, specifically a Social Pro account, is automatically created when a strategy is created.

    Both Strategy Providers and Portfolio Managers (PM) can invite Investors to join their respective strategies and funds.

    As an SP and PM, learn how to invite Investors to copy your strategy or invest in your fund. As an Investor, read more on comparing strategy and fund.

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